Section 21

How to avoid mistakes
Eviction and Court Proceedings

If the worse case scenario arises and good tenants become problem tenants we are on hand to assist.

Although they rarely occur, eviction and court proceedings can be costly, long, drawn out affairs.

By offering an extensive rent and legal protection from our referencing providers Homelet, we are able to offer a quality product that allows our landlords to have peace of mind that their property will be handled by a dedicated team of specialist, should the worst happen.

If you are not one of our clients but have a problem tenant and need some assistance, we can help. We are able to deliver a comprehensive service which includes:

  • Serving Section 21(a) & 21(b) Notices
  • Obtaining Possession Orders
  • Arranging Accelerated Procedure
  • Attending Court

Contact us here to see how we make this sometimes very difficult process straight forward and hassle free.
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