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We have a number of houses for sale in Leigh-on-Sea as well as flats for sale in Leigh-on-Sea to suit families, couples and singles who are looking at properties for sale in Leigh-on-Sea area. The town has seen many urban regeneration changes over the years and with it a growth in population, attracting both new residents and new businesses into the area. We can help you in your search for flats and houses for sale in Leigh-on-Sea, getting you one step closer toward buying your dream home.

Leigh-on-Sea, also known locally as Leigh, is a pleasant coastal town in Essex with a long and rich history as a fishing village. In Old Leigh, you can wander the cobbled streets of “the old town” along the coastline to the local fish market and cockle sheds near Leigh-on-Sea train station. Traditional fisherman’s pubs in Old Leigh, the “Peter Boat” and “Ye Olde Smack”, are popular with locals. Up the grassy hills and cliffs is Leigh Broadway, a modern parade of shopfronts, bars and restaurants along with many boutique retail outlets and businesses that have helped to chisel modern Leigh-on-Sea’s unique style. Leigh-on-Sea is also home to popular festivals throughout the year.

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